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Members can get advances under the Daily repayment of loan scheme. This scheme is to encourage the members to start income generation ventures and repay the loan on daily basis. The loan period can be a minimum of 90 days and maximum period is 180 days. The loan amount is maximum of the total investment in the company.

  • The loan period will be for three or six months.
  • The loan amount will be maximum of Rs. 100,000/-
  • A person having daily income will be admissible for D.R.L.
  • The borrower must have saving account with RNB India Nidhi Ltd.
  • The loan will be paid back by daily installments

Get Short Term Loans:

  1. Must be a Member of RNB India Nidhi Ltd
  2. For Salaried Persons :
    1. i. Employees of reputed and financially sound organization.
      ii. Minimum Gross take home salary of INR.15,000/- per month and Confirmed service for at least one year.
  3. For businessmen & Professionals :
    1. Business should have establishment of minimum of three years.
  4. Co-Applicant :
    1. Spouse /parents of the applicant can be taken if required.

Duly filled Account Opening Form with

  1. Duly filled form with :
    1. i. Income Proof of Applicant
      ii. Residential Proof of Applicant
      iii. KYC of Applicant
  2. No Prime Security
  3. Two Acceptable Guarantors and Security holders to be also taken as guarantors.
  4. Other Charges : One Upfront EMI, Franking Charges, etc


Details Of Installments Period Of Three Months & Six Months.

Loan Amount (3 Months) Daily Installment Loan Amount (6 Months) Daily Installment
10,000 120 10,000 65
20,000 240 20,000 130
30,000 360 30,000 195
50,000 600 50,000 325
1,00,000 1,200 1,00,000 650
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